About Us

Donald Love Contracting is owned by Donald and Kay Love, based in Mayfield, Mid Canterbury. They have been contract Windrowing since 1999. As farmers themselves, they understand the importance of seed hygiene and getting your crops windrowed on time. Their equipment is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

From a young age, Donald has always enjoyed making a quality job and making straight lines. This first showed while mowing his parents lawn and driving the tractor for cultivation on his parents farm. Donald first began windrowing as a teenager when he worked during school holidays driving an 8ft cut Owatana windrower for a local contractor and for his father on the family farm. In 1993 Donald and Kay purchased a Gorse/hedge trimming business as this work was mainly from the Autumn through to Spring. During Summer, Donald worked at various farm related jobs including working for a windrowing contractor. Donald and Kay began contract windrowing in 1999 purchasing a Hesston 6400 10ft cut windrower and began the difficult job of establishing a client base. Donald worked long hours on the 6400 with no cab – it was a challenge at times. As the contract run increased, they progressed to a CASEIH 8840 then a second 8840, with options of auger and draper fronts to improve the business. Trading in the 8840s,The next step was to purchase the Latest model MacDon M150 tractor units with 15Ft D60 draper front and 14 ft A40D Auger front. Another M150 was leased then later purchased. In following years 25ft and 20ft D60 draper headers were added to give farmers a choice of a full range of fronts to best suit their crop needs.


Donald Love - owner/manager

Windrowing is more than a job to Donald. He gets a huge amount of satisfaction doing a great job and that is what drives him in the contracting business. Donald is a farmer as well as a contractor, so he knows the importance of getting crops harvested on time and that there is often a small window of opportunity in a busy season. Donald is committed to supplying his customers (farmers and baling/silage contractors) with the best service using the best equipment that he possibly can. Donald is happy to go that extra mile when necessary to make that quality windrow to make harvest easier for farmers and contractors. Although he is kept busy on the phone organising where machines go next as they often run for 24hrs/day, he often drives during some part of the day so he knows how the machines are performing and it is the most satisfying part of the job.

Other interests include: Vintage Case tractors particularly the 30 Series, collecting machinery pamphlets, playing the bagpipes, fishing & family.

Kay Love - owner/office manager

Kay has a vital supporting role as accounts/payroll and other general duties including piloting vehicles when necessary, delivering fuel, sharp knives etc to the men in the field. Kay is often receiving phone calls and when necessary, helping re-section knives if the operators can't keep up with demand. Most importantly, Kay keeps the working team fed and watered during the long windrowing days. 

Married since 1984, Kay and Donald have two adult sons, Robert who works for the family business and Cameron who is a teacher.

Other interests include: cooking, playing the bagpipes, reading, folk art painting and family.

Robert Love - 2IC

Like his dad, Robert first began operating windrowers as a teenager in the school holidays and on weekends which set him in good stead for achieving a high standard in his work. Robert has been working full time for Donald and Kay since leaving school and now has a vast knowledge of the operation. This experience has enabled him to set up and supervise other staff as well as liaise with farmers and contractors which makes Robert a valuable member of the management team.

Robert also operates the gorse/hedge cutting part of the business in winter time.

In October 2010 Robert formed Plains Drilling in partnership with his parents. He began Plains Contracting, a forage harvesting business in 2012. In 2017 the drilling and forage harvesting businesses have combined under one title to become Plains Contracting Limited.

Other interests include: Pipe Band drumming, Case farm machinery, and collecting 1/64 scale farm machinery.